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LDS Dots Game

4.6 ( 5096 ratings )
ألعاب المجلس لغز
المطور: Iron Rod Software
0.99 USD

You remember sitting there. Your head was fuzzy, you were dazed, maybe even confused about what was happening. Then, suddenly a piece of paper covered in a grid of hand drawn dots was shoved in front of you, a smile crept across your face and the game was on! Everyone remembers this classic game of creating boxes out of a grid of dots. It may have been your brother that taught you, maybe a friend but there was no better silent game to pass the time. The rules are still the same. The first player draws a single line between 2 of the dots, then the second player does the same thing, avoiding if at all possible giving the opponent the ability to “close a box” and put their mark in the middle of it. This simple game has kept kids of all ages quiet for decades and the Iron Rod Software version with its stunning graphics and touch and drag interface is no different. This version of the game also holds the players attention with beautifully drawn characters and items from the Book of Mormon. These images will be easy conversation starters and a simple way to get a little education inserted into the fun. At the beginning of the game, you even get to choose which Book of Mormon character or item you want to play as! There are also simple biographies and facts for each of the characters and icons which make it easy for you to teach and learn about these important people and objects.

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What players are saying:
“The only thing that got my co-worker and I got through a horrible 2 hour web conference”
“As the mother of 4 very active boys, this is a game that not only keeps them quiet and engaged but even the 5 year old can play!”
“Love the ability to choose what character I can be”
“I don’t get many chances to play video games with my teenage son, but this one works for us”
“Turns my iPad into sacrament quiet book”

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